Daintee Limited

Daintee Limited was founded in 1984 and Daintee Foods Limited in 1996 with the aim of providing the Sri Lankan market with new and improved quality sugar confectionery products. This has been achieved with the collaboration of Barker and Dobson, a prestigious U.K. confectionery company, which was well known internationally for quality and high standards.

Whilst continuing to maintain these ideals with first-class service, the two companies are run with all members of staff working as a team, contributing to their strength and outstanding progress.

The companies have been investing in the latest technology to manufacture a range of new products and today they lead the sugar confectionery market in Sri Lanka. The machinery used for cooking, chocolate refining, production and packaging is modern and the most reliable in the confectionery field. Metal detectors are used to ensure that products are free from any metal contamination. The companies have purchased the internationally known prestigious brand names of Milady, Bensons, and Chix, which originally belonged to Barker & Dobson, to be used in Sri Lanka. At the inception, Daintee Limited had a technical agreement with Barker & Dobson. As a consequence, the Company had access to all its recipes, and was able to obtain assistance in production and staff training.


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